Obex 3L Waterproof Jacket


ARK 003

Go everywhere in a boundary-pushing jacket that’s engineered for your protection. 

Inner label from the Oblex 3l waterproof jacket in grey

Schoeller® Textiles. Pioneering textiles and technologies.    

Inspired by nature C_change, the new membrane technology from Schoeller® takes nature as its role model, inspired by pine cones which open and close in response to different weather conditions.

When involved in sporting activity, while motor cycling or during outdoor activities, the individual is exposed to varying climatic conditions and levels of physical exertion. The c_change membrane technology reacts to the different temperatures and activities. As soon as greater moisture is produced as a result of a higher prevailing temperature or greater body heat, the membrane structure opens and allows excess heat and water vapour to escape to the outside air. As soon as the body produces less heat energy, and consequently less moisture, the membrane structure contracts again. Body heat is then stored to aid protection from chills.

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