About Us

Arksen Labs

Arksen Labs is a future mapping design studio using materiality and science to design apparel for a world in transition. We design our garments to nurture and protect humans from a changing environment – to make them safer and more comfortable. Using new science, emergent technologies, breakthrough fabrics, and revolutionary materials, we set a new standard for advanced performance wear.

Apparel designed to take you anywhere from extreme mountaineering to offshore passage making and everything in between. This is clothing made for adventure and produced with our environmental impact in mind. Made in Europe in 95% recycled fabrics, every piece has been created for durability and longevity. We’ve reimagined the essentials and we’ve crafted them well. Really well. A true capsule collection designed to be layered up, worn, re-worn, washed, scuffed, stuffed in packs and enjoyed adventure after adventure. We’ll even repair any damage to help extend the life of every product.

A Radical Approach

Human resilience and progress are rooted in the clothing we wear. Our ability to adapt, survive and develop is based on how safe and rested we feel. As we move to a world of extremes, of robotics, computing, big data, sustainable living, climate change and artificial intelligence we channel our energies into the convergence of science and apparel, to explore and shape the fabrics of life for the coming century.

Circular Economy

At Arksen we build products for the future that protect you from an ever-changing world but also protect the world from linear waste processes.

From the very beginning of the Arksen journey, we had a determination to ensure that every part of the development fully delivered on our dual commitments to environmental responsibility and performance. We commit to developing products that never need to become waste and are kept in circulation through repair and reuse processes. To achieve this we work with the most responsible manufacturing partners in Europe to ensure our fabrics are recycled and can be recycled. We use some of the best fabrics in the world to guarantee a high-performance product that feels amazing to wear, where each component of every product has been designed to last.

Whilst we strive to build every garment to the highest standards we know that items do get worn out or accidentally damaged so we offer a repair service and a lifetime warranty guarantee, to give you the peace of mind that when you buy an Arksen garment you have it for life.

Arksen Labs has partnered with FuturePlus, a sustainability, environmental & social governance reporting platform that makes managing social and environmental impact trackable. FuturePlus qualifies our sustainability achievements before quantifying and translating them into a trackable action plan to help us deliver our sustainable development goals.Its indicators are made up of over 200 questions that will enable us to take practical, incremental steps towards sustainability by focusing on five themes: Climate, Economic, Diversity & Inclusion, Social and Environment.

Arksen Expedition Products 

At Arksen, we imagine, design and engineer iconic outdoor adventure products. From exceptional explorer vessels and the toughest overland vehicles to high-tech performance wear. Adventure is the lifeblood of our company and we live for the experiences that our iconic machines and products make possible.

Inspiring a new generation of explorer, sailor, adventurer and scientists, our mission is to motivate them to go further, for longer and in support of projects that protect and nurture the world’s resources.


Starting life as a marine innovation and technology company, Arksen is rooted in the ocean and oceanic health is our north star. This incredible biosphere produces 80% of the oxygen we breathe and supports 94% of the planet’s species yet attracts just 0.6% of all charitable donations. We wanted to change that, so we started 10% for the Ocean. Working with private individuals and organisations, our charity is on a mission to increase those donations from 0.6% to 10% over the next decade.