We design garments to nurture and protect humans from a changing environment, where versatility is key, ensuring every piece looks and feels incredible. We’re setting a new standard for advanced performance wear, with the conscious reduction of our impact on the environment embedded in every decision.

Made in Europe with partners who share these values and made from the world’s most advanced performance materials, 95% of our range is produced using recycled fabrics and every piece has been engineered to maximise durability and longevity. We’ll help repair any accidental damage to extend the life of every product but more than that, we offer a lifetime warranty to give you the peace of mind that when you buy an Arksen garment it is made for life…

About us

Arksen apparel is the output of our forward-thinking UK based design studio, creating performance apparel engineered for adventure in a changing world. Utilising cutting-edge science, innovative fabrics, and sustainable materials, our garments are meticulously crafted to protect and enhance comfort and performance for wearers in any environment, no matter how challenging - from mountaineering expeditions to ocean voyages and everything in between.

With an environmentally-conscious approach, driven by circular economy principles, our apparel range comprises a durable, versatile capsule collection made from 95% recycled fabrics, all manufactured in Europe. Each piece is built to last, designed for layering, washing, packing, and the rigours of countless adventures. We even offer a lifetime guarantee and repair service to maximise the longevity of our products.

By reimagining essentials through an advanced, environmentally-conscious lens, Arksen aims to elevate the standards for high-performance technical apparel, tailored to our planet's climatic shifts. Our mission harmonises extreme utility with environmental stewardship in apparel crafted for intrepid explorers.

A Radical Approach

Clothing is fundamental to human resilience and the advancement of our species. The clothes on our backs directly influence our capacity to adapt, endure, and evolve - determined by the safety and rejuvenation they provide. As we transition into an era defined by extremes across robotics, computing, big data, sustainable practices, climate change, and artificial intelligence, Arksen dedicates its efforts to uniting scientific innovation with apparel design.

Our radical methodology centres on investigating and moulding the very "fabrics of life" to equip humanity for the 21st century and beyond. Arksen channels its energies into the convergence of these realms, merging vanguard technologies with textile breakthroughs. Our aim is to craft garments that will allow people to not only persist, but thrive amidst the extraordinary challenges and conditions that lay ahead.

At its core, our radical approach recognises clothing as pivotal to unlocking human potential and resilience in the face of a rapidly shifting world. Arksen views wearable technologies and novel material engineering as the keys to empowering adaptability on a transforming Earth over the next 100 years.

Circular Economy

At Arksen, we construct products engineered for the future - shielding you from our world's perpetual changes while simultaneously safeguarding the planet from linear waste streams.

Since Arksen's inception, we've been driven by an unwavering commitment to harmonise environmental accountability with peak performance. We pledge to develop products designed never to become waste, remaining in circulation through meticulous repair and reuse processes. Realising this vision, we collaborate with Europe's most responsible manufacturing partners to ensure our fabrics are recycled and infinitely recyclable.

Utilising some of the world's premier fabrics, we guarantee high-performance garments that are an unparalleled joy to wear. Each component is meticulously engineered for longevity from the ground up. While striving to build every piece to the highest standards, we understand items may endure wear or accidental damage. Such is the confidence in our products, we provide a comprehensive repair service alongside a lifetime warranty - assuring you that when purchasing an Arksen garment, you can keep it for life.

Our dual pledge intertwines radical utility with environmental stewardship at every level, from design to materiality to sustainable lifecycles. Arksen garments exemplify the harmonious future we endeavour to build.

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