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Where design and performance technology coexist.

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Made for Adventure.

Arksen Labs is a fusion of progressive design and performance technology, engineered using the world’s most boundary pushing, innovative fabrics. A concentrated collection for adventures both urban and wild, developed to minimise environmental impact and maximise product lifespan.

Performance wear powered by a generation of explorers, honed by real experiences and refined by exacting creativity to be the absolute best we can make it.

From our lab to your every day, an outdoor collection designed for life and developed for every environment.

Sustainable Sourcing

Everything we do is 100% capable of delivering on our commitments to the environment and to enable adventure.


Starting life as a marine adventure company, Arksen is rooted in the ocean and oceanic health is our north star. This incredible biosphere produces 80% of the oxygen we breathe and supports 94% of the planet’s species yet attracts just 0.6% of all charitable donations. We wanted to change that, so we started 10% for the Ocean. Working with private individuals and organisations, our charity is on a mission to increase this to 10%.